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Oblates of Divine Mercy

Among our parish community, the Oblates of Divine Mercy are particularly responsible for offering prayers that are requested through this website.

An Oblate is a person who voluntarily serves a parish community. They take no vows and the time and circumstances of their service may be limited.

Their purpose is to live out the Gospel message and put into action the Corporal works of mercy; to assist and educate those who request our help in time of crisis; to submit   to a closer union with Christ through service to His people; to spread devotion to the Divine Mercy of Jesus given through Saint Faustina Kowalski of Poland; and, to pray many times through the day the prayer that Christ Himself gave to Saint Faustina “Jesus, I trust in You.”

The Oblates of Divine Mercy are always open to new members. All prayer requests are treated with confidentiality.

For details contact the church office:

Phone: 562-920-2212