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For Caregivers

Today my duties prevent me from receiving you physically, my Jesus, but we still have the opportunity to join our hearts in spiritual communion. I adore you, my Lord, and I am grateful for this chance to be near you. Unite my heart to yours and to other caregivers who share the same challenges.

Our jobs are particularly difficult and require a lot of tolerance, and we are always in need of your grace. Sometimes our patients are in a lot of pain and can be demanding and ungrateful. At those times, Jesus, please help us to endure and forgive. Remind us of how you bore the unpleasantness and offensiveness of others during your lifetime.

Lord, some of our tasks are physically distasteful and repulsive. When we must perform them, help us to see them as opportunities to serve you. Let us carry them out cheerfully so that we may present them to you as spotless offerings of our love. Help us to keep in mind that as long as you did it for the least of my brethren, you did it for me.

Jesus, our hours are long and hard and they sometimes take a toll on our own health. Show us when we have done enough and help us to take time away to refresh ourselves without feeling guilty because guilt can be as harmful as overwork.

We can’t do this job alone, Lord, and we need you every minute that we do it. We require wisdom, patience, endurance and most of all, grace. However, we know that we can depend on you for all of those things and more.


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