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For One Who Is Sick 2

“in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who first loved”

My dearest Lord Jesus, although I cannot receive you physically today, please enter into my heart in spiritual communion. I need you so much at this time because I am ill and feel so vulnerable. However, the many hours that I am alone with my suffering are a wonderful opportunity to spiritually draw closer to you and to others who are also in physical pain.

Show me, my Jesus, that although my body may be weak and powerless, I actually possess the strength to be a spiritual warrior. Instead of dwelling on my pain, I have the ability to use it well by joining my suffering to yours and offering it up to the Father for any need: for my family, my special intentions or for others who are suffering.

Lord Jesus, please bestow special blessings on those who take care of me. Help me to be sweet and patient with them even if I am in pain or must wait for attention. I will try to model myself after you when you were crucified for although you were in great pain, you still were thinking of others.

My Lord, I submit myself entirely to your will concerning my illness. Many are your miracles, and my greatest hope is to recover. However, if that is not your intent, then I will accept my future, whether it is to join you in paradise where there is no pain or fear of death, or whether I must bear my afflictions for the rest of my life. I am confident that you will be with me through it all.


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