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For One Who Is Sick 1

Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens. (Psalm 68:19)

My dearest Jesus, please join my heart to yours in spiritual communion because I am in need of your mercy, and I ask for your comfort and strength in my illness. With the grace from this spiritual communion, please envelope my soul in your loving arms and refresh me with the water that poured from your side.

Dear Lord, when I am hurting, remind me that you are always with me to support and show me how to endure my pain. Please unite my suffering to yours on the cross and encourage me to use it for good. As you offered your pain on the cross to the father for the salvation of mankind, I can offer mine for my family and for all my other intentions. Please, Lord, remind me that in spite of how weak I feel, my pain has great power that I can use if I have the right state of mind. My body may be frail, but spiritually I have the potential to be a warrior.

Make me considerate, O Lord, of my caregivers feelings. Their job of caring for the sick is hard and physically exhausting. Enable me to wait patiently for their response to my needs and requests and prompt me to always be sweet and not demanding or resentful. Bless them for the good that they do.

During your time here on earth, my Jesus, you healed many people. If your will for me is a cure for my affliction, then I gratefully and joyfully accept it, but if it is not, then I accept that, too. Help me to be resigned to whatever is the outcome of my illness, whether it is a life of infirmity or my coming home to be with you. Make me mindful that in your house there is no pain and no suffering.

My sweet Jesus, make this time of suffering a phase when I become closer to you and my life experiences miraculous spiritual changes. Heal me of my sins and prepare me to submit joyously to your will.

The Spiritual Communion Prayer for the sick was inspired by St. Therese Lisieux “the Little Flower”, who endured great pain from tuberculosis and died at age 27. Her simple life is an inspiration to those who are ill.

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