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For the Unemployed

My dearest Jesus, please enfold me in your loving arms and hold me very close because these are tough times, and I feel like a frightened child. Like so many others in today’s economy, I have lost my job, and my family depends on my salary. Through spiritual communion, unite my heart not only to yours, but to all the others who are unemployed. Fortify us with your grace because we need to keep in mind that you love us all absolutely and that ‘all things work out for good for those who love the Lord.’ As we draw closer and closer in spiritual communion, infuse our weary hearts with confidence and faith.

In every misfortune there is always a lesson to be learned. Please reveal the truths that we who have lost our jobs should know about ourselves. Open our eyes to our faults, Lord, so that we may correct them and destroy the obstacles that are between us.

Lord Jesus, help all of us who are without jobs to use our time wisely. First of all, please help us to expand our prayer lives so that we may grow to know you better. In addition, show us where and when we can be a blessing to others. Although our funds may be diminished, we still have valuable time to devote to those who need help.

Don’t let us become lazy, depressed or unpleasant when our job searches are unsuccessful, but create positive attitudes in our hearts. O Lord, you are our Rock and our Strength, and we beg for your aid and mercy during this trial. Please draw us all closer to you until we are of one mind.


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