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Those Who Suffer From Addiction

My dearest Lord, I need you so much today, as do all other people who suffer from the disease of addiction. Please heed our earnest pleas for your help as we tackle the challenges of this day.

O my Jesus, I request that you come into my heart and fortify me as I worship and adore you in this Spiritual Communion. It is so wonderful to have this time of peace in my tumultuous life.

I realize that I am powerless in battling my physical and psychological addictions without your standing beside me as my champion. In addition, I know that no one can love me to the depth and extent that you do and that you want a great life for me. So, with your boundless love and mercy in my arsenal, I go forth in confidence that with your help I can defeat the temptations of this day.

O my Lord, help me to follow through with any programs or assistance from others that may be offered to me. I know that you want me to help myself by taking advantage of any opportunity to recover, and I understand that my addictions stand in the way of my relationship with you. Don’t allow me to be too proud to accept any means that is offered to me as long as it is in accordance with your will.


Please know that the community of Good Shepherd Church is praying for you in your trials and temptations.

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